Gokce Sefren - The CRealist



(The perfect mix of Creative & Realist)



Award-winning designer who has an eternal passion for jewelry...




Graduate of Mimar  Sinan Fine Arts University (Traditional Turkish Arts Department). Since she won the Sabanci Art Price, one of her tile panels is kept in the Sabanci Museum archives.



Jewelry designer in a leading jewelry company in Turkey. During her 6 years tenure at this company she designed jewelry for many different markets, she has attended important fairs, exhibitions and competitions around the world.



De Beers Diamond Design Award- Custom diamond design of hers was selected to be shown in the annual De Beers competition show



1st master degree in design in Turkey thesis collaborating with New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Swarovski Design Award - She was featured in a book published by Swarovski as being one of the top 30 designers in the world. She was chosen out of a pool of 750 designers from 48 different countries.

Designer brand for US market- While working as a jewelry designer in Turkey she was asked to create a designer brand for Us market. She designed & managed this brand as a designer line that was sold exclusively in the United States.



HRD Diamond Design Award - She was the first Turkish designer to ever be selected as a finalist in the annual diamond design competition that HRD has been hosting for over 30 years.

2nd master degree in luxury marketing management in Italy. (Her professors included many top level execs from companies like Bulgari and other world famous brand names.)



Creative director of a major Turkish wedding band manufacturer 



Founder of Gossef Brand


During the journey:

Lots of marbling & tile exhibitions around the world...

Different design awards besides jewelry (photography, graphic design...)

Worldwide inspirational tours!...


She believes that "Everything is possible and nothing is impossible".