Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld...

My idol- Karl Lagerfeld! My passion- my library!

During the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival, CEO Pietro Beccari and womenswear creative director Karl Lagerfeld hosted a special presentation of the "Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld" book at the Plage Royale.

The book by Karl Lagerfeld looks back at his tenure as creative director of the Roman furrier, which joined in 1965. The distinctive book celebrates the designer's 50 year collaboration, billed as the longest relationship in history between a designer and a fashion brand!

It's a wooden box full of goodies that comprises scrapbook with more than 200 sketches, a Q&A session and a USB stick with MP4 files shows Lagerfeld sketching his memories live as he speaks.

Published by Steidl, the book will be available at Fendi boutiques and high-end bookstores worldwide from July!

I can't wait to get it!


Happy Mother's Day!

I was planning to write about jewelry trends for Mother's day but when I saw this video it just touched my heart! I'm sure it will touch yours as well!

Pandora shared a video as a small experiment of women's uniqueness and the special bond between a mother and child. 

6 women& their children! 

The unique connection!


Happy mother's day!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday season is here!

In this post I want to share my New Year collection and also some numbers about this holiday!

Christmas Day is a public holiday in many of the world’s nations, is celebrated culturally by a large number of non-Christian people and is an integral part of the Christmas and holiday season. 

People enjoy holidays with their families giving special gifts each other. 

We all know that Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. I don’t want to bother you with all this kind of details..

Let’s see how this day looks for retailers!

I want to share some numbers here sharing an interview with Brand Keys Founder and president Robert Passikoff.

In the 2014 Brand Keys Holiday Shopping survey, 54% of consumers indicated they were going to start holiday shopping in November, “a trend we’ve commented upon for a number of years,” said Passikoff.  

Only 25% of consumers--10% fewer than in 2013--indicated they were going to wait until Black Friday, Nov. 28.

Amazon and Walmart kicked off their Christmas discounts on Saturday, Nov. 1st--27 days before the traditional Black Friday, which had long been regarded as the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. Amazon started its “Black Friday” Saturday with two daily deals on holiday merchandise that will run through Dec. 22. 

Virtually all consumers interviewed indicated they will buy holiday gifts online again this year (98%). But even in light of the mobile movement, bricks-and-mortar retailers still rank high on consumers’ list of places they intend to shop:

Store Type 2014 % change from 2013

Discount Department Stores 96% +2

Traditional Department Stores 78% +2

Specialty & Apparel Stores 40% - 5

Catalogues (25%), are down again from last year by 50%, “but apparently if a consumer can pull it up on a site on a mobile device, they feel that hard-copy has become superfluous,” noted Passikoff.



Gift cards have become as universal as greetings cards, with nearly everyone indicating they’ll buy at least one this year (95%). 

All other categories remain relatively unchanged from 2013. “Apps and downloads have replaced CDs, DVDs, and printed books,” said Passikoff. 

Consumers indicated the following categories where money was going to be spent:

Clothing and accessories: 78% 

Electronics/phones/computer: 51% 

Personal care products/spa: 33% 

Jewelry: 20% 

Food and wine: 20% 

Home décor: 7% 

 Value is paramount for all platforms and consumer expectations regarding outreach and convenience, particularly for mobile, and the shopping experience for bricks-and-mortar retail, are all up again, according to Passikoff.    

 “Retailers that can integrate the store experience with their mobile outreach will likely find it to be a winning combination,” said Passikoff. “Just much earlier this year.” 


Enough with numbers huh?

Time to enjoy Gossef New Year Collection video!


You can find the story of the collection clicking on the photo below.

If you want to shop this collection you can find all the details clicking on the photo below:

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

New Material - Carbon!

Carbon is a lighter material that allows to create big & bold jewelry! 

While I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago for the jewelry show, I saw some collections with this material. 

I would love to share Dome Gioeilli’s designs with you as I fell in love with the home design part! I will definitely buy this wine glass! I’m lucky that they have a showroom in Rome!:)


I added some photos of the jewelry designs and other objects. The size of the jewelry are so big and they are really light as a tiny gold jewelry! The finishing was very silky… I believe that this look add more luxury look to the design! 

And I saw also that David Yurman created his men collection for this fall using the same material- Carbon!

This high- tech composite is 3.5 times stronger than steel, but 65% lighter. It was originally engineered for use in prototype sports car.

Carbon nanotubes- 500.000 per square inch- are compressed with resin under extreme heat and pressure to create a durable composite. Each piece has a distinctive brushed effect.

Here are some examples from the new collection! Enjoy!

Technology to be Worn! - Apple Watch

I love Apple! I know I know we can find far better products paying less! That is how works the LoveBrand! And now I want to share somethings from their new product category.

Fashion + tech = Apple Watch! 

The Apple watch - on sale in early 2015! 

Today I wish I was in Paris to see Apple watch one day event chez Colette! Apple meet the fashion followers during Paris fashion week in this spectacular place!

That was the first public appearance since company CEO Tim Cook unveiled it at a media event in California earlier this month, though it remained a decidedly hands-off affair. The watches were kept behind glass displays on the ground floor of the store, and visitors were not allowed to touch them.

Today also the Apple watch kept behind glasses and only some of selected members of press get the chance to try it on! Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Suzy Menkes are some of those VIP names.

Since I receive this invitation from Colette - as all Colette followers!- I was sure that it is going to be a very important event! I tried to follow different blogs and news to know as much as I can about that! 

Here is the brief look to the journey of Apple Watch:

09.09.2014 : New York Fashion week eve- first media appearance!

29.09.2014 : The midnight unveiling in the windows at Colette! The beyond anticipated product was unveiled to top fashion editors at a breakfast at the boutique early morning. Karl Lagerfeld stopped by to chat with Apple's Jony Ive even though the Chanel show was due to start half an hour later!

30.09.2014 : First public appearance time! There was a long queue in from of the store! And the long windup culminated with a dinner for 250 at Azzedine Alaïa’s place in the fourth arrondissement. Yes dinner for 250! Lenny Kravitz, Franca Sozzani, François-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek, and Rossy de Palma were some of the guests!

I saw some different videos about the event and here is one of them that I liked very much:

And here is the Apple Watch video:

And of course now I have to tell my favorite! Actuallt I have 2! They are of course from the Edition line! As I'm a jewelry designer it's so normal, isn't it? :)

38mm and 42mm Case 18-Karat Rose Gold Sapphire Crystal Retina Display Ceramic Back   Sport Band White Fluoroelastomer 18-Karat Rose Gold Pin

38mm and 42mm Case18-Karat Rose Gold
Sapphire Crystal
Retina Display
Ceramic Back

Sport BandWhite Fluoroelastomer
18-Karat Rose Gold Pin

38mm Case 18-Karat Rose Gold Sapphire Crystal Retina Display Ceramic Back   Modern Buckle Rose Gray Leather 18-Karat Rose Gold Buckle

38mm Case18-Karat Rose Gold
Sapphire Crystal
Retina Display
Ceramic Back

Modern BuckleRose Gray Leather
18-Karat Rose Gold Buckle


Have a great weekend!


Rubellite Love!

Pink is my favorite color! I have a pink sleeve for my iPad, a pink case for my iPhone and even a pink coffee maker for my favorite drink Espresso! :) 

In my pink world when you look to my jewelry designs I don't prefer to use too much pink stones. But there is one that I love so much! 

Rubellite! This is a particularly beautiful gemstone from the colorful family of tourmalines. The color palette of the stone is between from red to shocking pink!

There are red and pink tourmalines in many nuances, which include a tender pink, a fine shocking pink, an intense violet and a bold ruby-red. However, only a few of these are entitled to call themselves 'rubellites'. The name comes from the Latin 'rubellus', which means reddish. Rubellites are not merely red or shocking pink tourmalines. There is an important criterion for this especially beautiful gemstone, and that is the way its color behaves in daylight and artificial light. Many gemstones change their color depending on the light source. A true rubellite does not. It shines just as intensely in artificial light as it does in daylight. The color of most other pink or red tourmalines, by contrast, displays a more or less clearly visible tinge of brown in artificial light.

It looks pretty good on jewelry! I wanted to share some examples from Chopard Red Carpet collection 2014. Chopard shared some sketches from this collection as well. 

This year, in honour of the 67th festival, 67 creations inspired by the charisma and the voluptuous beauty of the actresses of Cinecittà will be unveiled. A new exquisite High Jewelry collection intended to exalt the beauty of the actresses for their red carpet appearance.

On the occasion of the 67th edition of the festival, the Palme d'Or annually crafted in the Chopard workshops since 1998 takes a newfound glow by appearing for the very first time in Fairmined certified gold. The new creation is part of an approach instigated by Chopard at the 66th Cannes Film Festival and designed to lead the growth of sustainable luxury.

Here is the video of the creation! Enjoy!

New Kind of Jewelry- Gold Tattoo!

I love to see different way of wearing jewelry. I will talk about a new phenomenon for 2014 summer in this post. 

Back in 2010 Spring 2010 Chanel Ready to Wear presentation the first temporary skin jewelry made their first debut. Les Trompe-L’oeil de Chanel! The set includes 5 sheets with a total 55 designs created by Peter Philips. Each design includes Chanel logo. 

It was a different approach to promote beauty business using Chanel style! 

In 2012 Dior released a limited edition 24 carat gold tattoo collection.  We saw 9 pieces of skin jewelry tattoos designed by Camille Miceli including cuffs, chokers, earrings and bracelets in this collection. Called “Les Ors de Peau” - 120$ for a set. I love them but I believed something was missing there.. Maybe the balance between price and product. I don't know… 

And now in 2014 summer we see Tattoo as jewelry phenomenon with more affordable designs created by Flash Tattoo and Lulu DK. They created a signature look with bracelets, layered necklaces, rings, earrings… I love them when I saw some looks matched with real jewelry! It looks absolutely cool! Here are some examples! Enjoy!

Less is More…

Helloooo again after a quite busy period! 

In this post I would like to talk about minimalistic style! I adore fresh and contemporary designs! And I believe "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" with all my heart and soul! 

I think it is much harder to design modern jewelry than traditional. And also I love to design jewelry with a story… I always tried to write the inspirations and shared the stories with the sales teams or directly with the customers! When you mix both stories and minimalistic style you have to work hard on forms! Form will be your key and a simple touch will finalize your artwork!

Don’t think that simple style is for cheap fashion jewelry. They were maybe like that in the past but now with the new luxury trend we started to see this kind of jewelry on the biggest jewelry houses windows! 

I would love to share new collection of Tiffany now to better explain what I mean! Tiffany T! They identified this collection as “An Unapologetically Modern Collection by Tiffany’s New Design Director”  We all know about the Tiffany style they are so modern. Even in this situation I believe that it is a very brave move for the new design director to create a new icon for the brand using such a simple thing! “T”! I’m really impressed! So fresh and so Tiffany! Very well done! Congrats! Francesca Amfitheatrof wanted to create a symbol for modern life and its relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture around the world. And she said also this is just the beginning of what she hope to accomplish. I can’t wait to see her new collection! Here are some photos from Tiffany T.

And also Bzero1 can be also a good example for new luxury trend. Bzero1 is created as a philanthropy project but as soon as they release it turned an iconic item for Bulgari. And now we started to see new versions of Bzero1 each year! I wanted to share some Fabrizio Ferri photos from the last ad campaign of the collection! He was also the photographer of the successful philanthropy project! 

Actually I wanted to share some some Gossef collections at this point but as we are still dealing with some concept stores and getting ready to release our collections by late fall for the first time I will postpone to publish Gossef collections photos for a while! I can’t wait to share them with you! So excited!


Trend Alert- Palm Cuff!

We started to see this new jewelry last year! Palm Cuff! 

Now they are so trendy that we can easily find in designers collections!

I saw it on Sarah Jessica Parker & Jennifer Lawrence and since then I knew that they will be really popular! 

Lovely! Aren’t they?

Did you get one?

Trend Alert- Honeycomb!

What is trendy nowadays? I plan to share some little shape details in some of my posts!

Here is the first one: Honeycomb! 

The season of flowers and the power of femininity is celebrated with the most precise engineering in collections featuring ‘cell cages’ where this obsession with hexagonal shapes takes over on light armor-like pieces that wrap around wrists and fingers, making for a firm yet elegant touch.

Honey comb is one of the most coherent form matched with the concept.

Yellow gold and diamonds help designer to make them look very precious with a very fine silhouette! Enjoy some pieces that I've picked for you!

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

Zaha Hadid for Caspita

Ayaka Nishi

Ayaka Nishi

Lara Melchior

Lara Melchior

Jason of Beverly Hills

Jason of Beverly Hills

Lara Melchior

Lara Melchior

Nice to meet Fabien Iliou!

This week I was thinking to talk about a trendy shape for this season but I received an e-mail and I decided to change this week's topic! I couldn't even wait till next week to share this amazing thing that I received!

I wrote about Bulgari’s 130th anniversary in my recent posts and guess what happened! The designer of the amazing video mapping -that we saw as Spanish Step experience- shared the entire video with me! That was out of the world! I was so impressed and I wanted to share this experience with you as well!!! 

The designer is Fabien Iliou. Such a talented designer! He worked for many high-end events, window and façade design, pattern design and packaging design in different cities such as Paris, Rome, Milan, New York, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo! Wow! 

If you want to see more of his works here is his website! http://www.fabien-iliou.com 

I can't wait to meet him!

P.S.: I added one more thing to my bucket list! #Collaborate with Fabien Iliou in my future projects!:) 

Enjoy this amazing video and have a great weekend!

Snapshots - Valentino Men S/S 2015

I was planning to talk about men jewelry and I saw Valentino collection while thinking about this post! This runway show took place in Paris Fashion Week on 25th of June. So I decided to share some details from this show...

Collar accessories are coming back! Get ready to have some!

Nice details in Valentino show! I like them very much. I saw some backstage photos on Vogue fr as well!



Everything Happens For a Reason- Trend Focus #2

I want to talk about "one of a kind" painter influence on fashion and design in my second post of Everything Happens for a Reason- Trend Focus series…

Who is the boss! Henri Matisse- The boss of Colors!

I saw some of his works back in 2013 while I was at Washington National Gallery of Art. It was just amazing! 

Do you know that Matisse was in a wheelchair by 1941, following radical colon surgery at the age of 71? He could no longer work with an easel, and yet became so creatively resurgent with the cut-outs that what he gratefully called his "second life" could just as well apply to his work. Paper and scissors gave him color and form, and a way of drawing, painting and more, that would evolve through the last 13 years of his life.

Henri Matisse Sketch Book

Henri Matisse Sketch Book

Henri Matisse in his studio at the Hotel Regina, Nice 

Henri Matisse in his studio at the Hotel Regina, Nice 

The method Matisse devised of course appears irreducibly simple. The cut-outs look as if we all could do them, and that open-hearted simplicity is essential to their charm. A star can be no more than three criss-crossing strips, just as a child might contrive it; a swarm of bees is achieved with tiny black and white squares dotted among yellow, white and green like the insects themselves hovering in summer foliage. But the minute calculations of number, size, color, juxtaposition, balance and array are meticulously judged; and these are precisely what make the stars glow and the bees buzz.

Basic shapes & colors reflecting the joy of life of an artist…

The Sheaf

The Sheaf

The Snail

The Snail

The Fall of Icarus

The Fall of Icarus

The same year when I started to look around I saw some things like these movie posters. Do you think the choice of the colors is a coincidence?:) Or when we look to the stories… Are they about ordinary people? So think about it just a sec! ;)

What is going on in the minds of fashion designers? This season we saw designers influenced by modern art creating colorful patterns & bold brushstrokes! Let’ see some photos from 2014 shows! 







Jil Sander

Jil Sander



Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

And here are some accessories from 2014 collections!

Tom Binns

Tom Binns

Here is one of talented fashion designer brand Tata Naka with adorable Autumn Winter 2014/15 Pre Collection! Lovely isn’t it?

Tata Naka x Matisse

Tata Naka x Matisse

The Christmas card was like that from Tate this year! - Nuit de Noel by Henri Matisse (1952)

Now let’s have a look on the calendar of Tate Modern, one of the most important exhibition is not surprising us! Voila! Henri Matisse Cut-Outs! 

Enjoy Matisse at Tate Modern Trailer!

Father's Day Almost Here!

Father’s Day was inaugurated in United States in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting.

On July 19, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day.” However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States.

Let’s see some numbers according Brand Key’s survey!

This year’s survey indicates a slight increase in the number of consumers celebrating Father’s Day over last year (78%, +3%), and retailers are looking at an average spend of $145.00 to recognize Dad, with pretty much an equal spend between Women and Men ($155.00 and $135.00 respectively)” in is expected to be a nearly $14 billion dollar retail holiday.

What Consumers Will Be Buying

Here’s what celebrants indicated they were looking to buy for Dad, (parentheses indicate percent-change from last year):

Gift cards                 45%    (+6%)

Electronics               15%    (- 5%)

Clothing                   23%    ( -0- )

Tools/Automotive    25%    (+5%)

Wine & Spirits          15%    (+5%)

Sporting Goods       14%    (+4%)

Smartphones           10%    (+4%)

Spa Services            8%    (NA)

Books/eBooks         3%    (- 2%)

DVDs/CDs                2%    ( -0- )

The biggest change was in Gift Cards (up 6%), followed by Tools and Automotive accouterments and Wine and Spirits (each up 5%). Consumers are still shopping smarter, but as high-tech products were the gifts-of-choice last year, anticipated sales in those categories are down a bit, “a similar pattern we saw for Mother’s Day this year.

Where They’re Shopping for Dad

When it comes to “bricks and mortar” stores, and perhaps reflecting a willingness to spend a bit more this year, Specialty Outlets are up 4%, double that of Department and Discount Stores (+2%), “but as it happens every year,” noted Passikoff, “online is up again, this year by 10%. 

Department Stores    42%    (+ 2%)

Discount Stores         36%    (+ 2%)

Online                         35%    (+10%)

Specialty Outlets       20%    (+ 4%)

Catalog                       3%    (- 0 -)

Consumer Connection

But whatever they buy and wherever they buy it, beyond cards, people intend to “connect” with Dad on Father’s Day at levels similar to those of last year, with some small differences between Men and Women. Phone calls are #1, but Personal Visits are up 5% over last year. 

                              Total(T)    Men(M)    Women(W)

Phone:                  T52%        M45%        W59%

Personal Visits:    T30%        M18%        W42%

Online:                  T25%        M20%        W30%

Ok it starts to get boring for you? Enough with numbers then!

As I'm a big fan of watches I would like to share with you something! Enjoy this video of one of the my favorite watch brand Baume Mercier! 

Missing you dad!... Love you!

Happy Father's Day!

Color Focus: Turquoise & Blue

I plan to focus on colors creating monthly mood boards! Polyvore makes this session more fun! 

Summer is almost here! So let's start with blue & turquoise!


Iconic Brand

I would like to talk a little bit about a book that I read a couple of months ago when I start to write today. 

Unfortunately published only in turkish! “The first brand is Adam?” What an amazing title!!! I saw this on the shelves, I bought it right away and I read it in 2 days… I definitely recommend if you like to read about branding! 

İlk Marka Hz. Adem mi? - Serhan Ok

İlk Marka Hz. Adem mi? - Serhan Ok

To be an iconic brand you have to feel the brand values in your DNA! It is not only about the famous 4P!

I won’t talk about the book here but I would like to give you just an example about Volvo from the book. When someone say Volvo the first thing in our mind is safety. Isn’t it? We all know how they invest and communicate emphasizing safety. Ok that is how 4P works! I have one question for you guys: Do you know who invented the seat belt (three point seat belt that we are using today)? Volvo, yes. But we have seat belts in all cars, right? They got the patent but they never went to court when the other car producers start to use seat belt in the way they invented because that wasn’t about the design that was about safety, that was about human life, that was about their brand value… See… You have to think in this way if you want to be an iconic brand! 

While I read that book I was thinking about some scenes with Adam & Eve from Italian Renaissance. And I always see a snake there… I was in Istanbul when I read this book and that was 130th anniversary of Bulgari! Of course those days when I think snake I think only about Bulgari! Serpenti - the brand iconic collection! I did a sketch the next day I finish reading that book about branding…

My sketch right after I finish reading!

My sketch right after I finish reading!

I have a different kind of connection with Bulgari… I moved to Rome in 2011 and since then in my daily walks near Tevere River I’m used to see Bulgari Headquarters. I’ve been inside a couple of times for work occasion as well! Almost all of my professors from the master program in IED worked in Bulgari for a couple of years during their career path. As they were in the top executive level we heard a lot about Bulgari! We did a lot of case study looking to Bulgari history! And I really feel a deep connection with this amazing brand that I adore!!!

What makes this brand so special for people? A strong Italian heritage, bold and distinctive style, colorful look, craftsmanship… We can have a long list here…

The first Bulgari boutique opened in Rome in 1884 and 130 years later the Italian jewelry brand is bigger than ever before. Today it is a global and diversified luxury brand with a product and service portfolio of jewels, watches, accessories, fragrances, hotels and resorts featuring exceptional quality, an innovative style and impeccable service. 

To celebrate this historic anniversary, a new version of the iconic Bulgari ring, the Bzero1, has been released wit Bulgari Roma logo! It looks amazing! 

BZero1 Roma

BZero1 Roma

They created a special edition watch and accessories as well. 

Bulgari Roma Watches

Bulgari Roma Watches

Bulgari Roma Sunglasses & Icona 10 handbags

Bulgari Roma Sunglasses & Icona 10 handbags

Opera Prima- The Essence of a Jewel

Opera Prima- The Essence of a Jewel

Serpenti Pendant

Serpenti Pendant

Bulgari has flown in about 300 guests from around the world to attend its grand festivities to celebrate the luxury jewelry company’s 130th anniversary. The party was held in front of Piazza di Spagna, illuminated for the occasion with Bulgari colors! A dinner followed at Palazzo Núñez-Torlonia, attended by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Adrien Brody and Valeria Golino, who sparkled with the light of the brand's new fine jewelry collection. Enjoy the video!

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has partnered with the Italian jeweler’s Heritage Collection to coordinate Bulgari: 130 Years of Masterpieces. The exhibition will showcase more than 150 Bulgari jewelry designs, representing each phase in the brand’s history since its founding in 1884.

The exhibition highlights many of Bulgari’s most innovative designs throughout its history, starting with items crafted by Sotirio Boulgaris, the silversmith who founded the company and worked at its first outpost, in Rome, at the turn of the 20th century. The exhibit then explores every successive era, from elegant platinum-heavy works of the 1930s to the boldly modern, colorful designs of the 1960s—such as emerald-and-amethyst bib necklaces—to the serpent-shaped watches from the mythology-inspired Serpenti collection of the 1970s and nature-inspired designs of the 1980s. The show also includes a selection of gems from the personal collection of Elizabeth Taylor, along with portraits depicting Bulgari jewels modeled by the film icons Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren, among others. The exhibition will run through October 5.

Today I did another one for the anniversary of Bulgari when I decide to drop some line about this occasion and to talk about an iconic brand:) This one is the palm cuff that I inspired from Adam & Eve - a matching item with the sketch that you see below! That’s me I can’t stop myself to do some little things like that! I love Rome - I love jewelry - I love Bulgari!!! 

New sketch 

New sketch 

Auguri Bulgari! 

Vioro Magazine is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Vicenza Oro fair is one of the most important jewelry fair around the world. January- May and September - three times during the year.

I’ve visited Vicenza Spring last week. Spring fair concentrates more on the creative contaminations between jewelry and the fashion world, with a special focus on consumers and their tastes and desires. This event is an influential reference point for the industry, an event dedicated to special trends and contemporary creativity. 

It is about business, but it is also about creativity and attention to the fashion world, thanks to the presence of cool hunters and trend forecasters. 

I attended to the trend forecast seminar hosted by Paola De Luca. It was amazing to have also some information about social media management by the owner of not just a label website and the blogger Federico Poletti. We had a unique experience during the seminar! We had a Skype meeting with Gilbert Al Halaby from Rome! It was very good!

I just finished my fair report I have a special section dedicated to social media sharing also some tips from this seminar!  If you are interested about some tips for social media management for your jewelry company you will be happy to hear this tips!!! 

I’m attending this fair since 2005. I love the jewelry magazine that they publish during the fair period! Vioro Magazine! This year Vioro magazine is celebrating its 30th anniversary! They decide to celebrate with a restyling and a collector’s edition to pay homage to an editorial product that has contributed to writing the history of the best jewelry over the last three decades. And the name is V+ now! I’m very happy to get this collector’s edition!

I wanted to share some greetings from the magazine sent by Boucheron, Damiani, Marco Bicego and Roberto Coin.

For the Vicenza Spring Fair report feel free to contact us!

Everything Happens For a Reason- Trend Focus #1

Everything happens for a reason in this universe! Yeah even in trends nothing is a coincidence! We always see some art events but we never pay attention how they influence seasonal trends. Let’s see how, focusing one trend detail for S/S 2014.

I named this trend as Black Poem! 

We will see nature inspirations with a dark twist! Birds, feathers, wings will be magical elements in this trend. Layered laces, floral details will complete the scene. Here are some examples…

Bottega Veneta- Daniele Michetti

Bottega Veneta- Daniele Michetti



And we start to see the seeds from Marc Jacobs show from last year for 2014. It was all black. Pitch black. Walls, floors, set, seats, clothes. Funereal black. Every model wore a dramatic feathered headdress like the plumed horses in a funeral cortege. The designer dedicated this collection ‘To the showgirl in all of us’.

Marc Jacobs S/S 2014

Marc Jacobs S/S 2014

And also in one exhibition from The Metropolitan Museum of art called Punk: Chaos to couture from last year… 

Chaos to Couture Exhibition

Chaos to Couture Exhibition

Here we are! Spring 2014!

When we look to theatres Maleficent is coming on May 2014! 

When we look to exhibitions a very interesting one gets my attention! Frida Kahlo exhibition in Rome! Her paintings include herself as that was the subject that she knows the best in a way that we are not used to see! Natural details, birds and a women portrait with moustache…

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

And the winner of Eurovision is a coincidence? a drak queen is the winner of Eurovision 2014! A bearded women that we are not used to see in Eurovision stage.  

Conchita Wurst- Euroovision 2014 winner

Conchita Wurst- Euroovision 2014 winner

Oh well, seeing all the art events do you still think that trends and some results of artistic events are all coincidences?

Keep your eye open! ;)


Mother's Day is BIG Business!

Mother’s Day is big business!

As I dedicate my new company Gossef to my two angels (one is up in the air – my dad and the other is thankfully still with me – my mom) it will be a nice starting topic! Mother’s Day! Yay!

Second Sunday of May is a celebration honoring mothers. And also a very important day for retail industry! Brands are creating special offers of collections for this very special occasion every year. 

Let’s see some numbers according to the Brand Keys Mother’s Day survey. 

 “Tradition” is the watchword again this year when it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day. With nine out of 10 consumers planning to celebrate, total spending is estimated be up 7½ percent over last year.

A broader spectrum of relationships and changing family dynamics have turned the celebration – embracing step-moms, relatives, friends, and divorced and single-parent households – into a universal holiday that crosses all ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries and portends a $19 billion windfall for retail, restaurants, and service providers The average spend?  For men, who always spend a little more, $184.00, and for women, a little less, $153.00.

They’re all buying more traditional gifts like brunch/dinner, flowers, spa services, jewelry, and clothing, all part of a continuing trend Brand Keys identified 3 years ago. No matter how much you love Mom, the reality is she doesn’t need a new tablet or smartphone every year, no matter how much tech brands wish it so. Like other gift-buying holidays, consumers (25%) are waiting for the last minute to make purchases when they believe the best deals will be available. Sure, it’s Mom we’re talking about, but over the past decade retailers have taught consumers if they wait long enough, eventually there’s a deal to be had.

Here’s what they’re buying. Percentages in parentheses indicate changes from last year:

Cards                                   97%  (unchanged)

Flowers                               86%  (+10%)

Brunch/Lunch/Dinner        80%  (+10%)

Clothing                              64%  (+14%)

Gift Cards                           60%  (+2%)

Spa Services                      46%  (+16%)

Jewelry                               45%  (+7%)

Candy                                  16%  (+7%)

E-readers                             5%  (-5%)


Smartphones                       5%  (unchanged)

And here’s where they’re shopping:

Specialty Stores                 50%     (+10%)

Department Stores            46%  (+10%)

Discount Stores                 55% (unchanged)

Online Stores                     30%  (unchanged)

Catalog                               10%  (-5%)

And here’s how they’re going to connect with Mom on her special day:

Phone/mobile                     65%  (+8%)

Personal Visits                    21%  (-4%)

Online                                  16%  (+10%)

Cards                                   12%  (unchanged)

Enough with numbers!Huh?:)

What about the designs? Hearts, pearls, flowers are the traditional shapes that you will never stop seeing on Mother’s Day! For me the story is the key!

And  I prefer to purchase a collection dedicated only to Mother’s Day if I plan to buy jewelry… 

Like what? Here is my favorite for this year! Check the video! I just loved it! Enjoy!