New Material - Carbon!

Carbon is a lighter material that allows to create big & bold jewelry! 

While I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago for the jewelry show, I saw some collections with this material. 

I would love to share Dome Gioeilli’s designs with you as I fell in love with the home design part! I will definitely buy this wine glass! I’m lucky that they have a showroom in Rome!:)


I added some photos of the jewelry designs and other objects. The size of the jewelry are so big and they are really light as a tiny gold jewelry! The finishing was very silky… I believe that this look add more luxury look to the design! 

And I saw also that David Yurman created his men collection for this fall using the same material- Carbon!

This high- tech composite is 3.5 times stronger than steel, but 65% lighter. It was originally engineered for use in prototype sports car.

Carbon nanotubes- 500.000 per square inch- are compressed with resin under extreme heat and pressure to create a durable composite. Each piece has a distinctive brushed effect.

Here are some examples from the new collection! Enjoy!