Vioro Magazine is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Vicenza Oro fair is one of the most important jewelry fair around the world. January- May and September - three times during the year.

I’ve visited Vicenza Spring last week. Spring fair concentrates more on the creative contaminations between jewelry and the fashion world, with a special focus on consumers and their tastes and desires. This event is an influential reference point for the industry, an event dedicated to special trends and contemporary creativity. 

It is about business, but it is also about creativity and attention to the fashion world, thanks to the presence of cool hunters and trend forecasters. 

I attended to the trend forecast seminar hosted by Paola De Luca. It was amazing to have also some information about social media management by the owner of not just a label website and the blogger Federico Poletti. We had a unique experience during the seminar! We had a Skype meeting with Gilbert Al Halaby from Rome! It was very good!

I just finished my fair report I have a special section dedicated to social media sharing also some tips from this seminar!  If you are interested about some tips for social media management for your jewelry company you will be happy to hear this tips!!! 

I’m attending this fair since 2005. I love the jewelry magazine that they publish during the fair period! Vioro Magazine! This year Vioro magazine is celebrating its 30th anniversary! They decide to celebrate with a restyling and a collector’s edition to pay homage to an editorial product that has contributed to writing the history of the best jewelry over the last three decades. And the name is V+ now! I’m very happy to get this collector’s edition!

I wanted to share some greetings from the magazine sent by Boucheron, Damiani, Marco Bicego and Roberto Coin.

For the Vicenza Spring Fair report feel free to contact us!