Mother's Day is BIG Business!

Mother’s Day is big business!

As I dedicate my new company Gossef to my two angels (one is up in the air – my dad and the other is thankfully still with me – my mom) it will be a nice starting topic! Mother’s Day! Yay!

Second Sunday of May is a celebration honoring mothers. And also a very important day for retail industry! Brands are creating special offers of collections for this very special occasion every year. 

Let’s see some numbers according to the Brand Keys Mother’s Day survey. 

 “Tradition” is the watchword again this year when it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day. With nine out of 10 consumers planning to celebrate, total spending is estimated be up 7½ percent over last year.

A broader spectrum of relationships and changing family dynamics have turned the celebration – embracing step-moms, relatives, friends, and divorced and single-parent households – into a universal holiday that crosses all ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries and portends a $19 billion windfall for retail, restaurants, and service providers The average spend?  For men, who always spend a little more, $184.00, and for women, a little less, $153.00.

They’re all buying more traditional gifts like brunch/dinner, flowers, spa services, jewelry, and clothing, all part of a continuing trend Brand Keys identified 3 years ago. No matter how much you love Mom, the reality is she doesn’t need a new tablet or smartphone every year, no matter how much tech brands wish it so. Like other gift-buying holidays, consumers (25%) are waiting for the last minute to make purchases when they believe the best deals will be available. Sure, it’s Mom we’re talking about, but over the past decade retailers have taught consumers if they wait long enough, eventually there’s a deal to be had.

Here’s what they’re buying. Percentages in parentheses indicate changes from last year:

Cards                                   97%  (unchanged)

Flowers                               86%  (+10%)

Brunch/Lunch/Dinner        80%  (+10%)

Clothing                              64%  (+14%)

Gift Cards                           60%  (+2%)

Spa Services                      46%  (+16%)

Jewelry                               45%  (+7%)

Candy                                  16%  (+7%)

E-readers                             5%  (-5%)


Smartphones                       5%  (unchanged)

And here’s where they’re shopping:

Specialty Stores                 50%     (+10%)

Department Stores            46%  (+10%)

Discount Stores                 55% (unchanged)

Online Stores                     30%  (unchanged)

Catalog                               10%  (-5%)

And here’s how they’re going to connect with Mom on her special day:

Phone/mobile                     65%  (+8%)

Personal Visits                    21%  (-4%)

Online                                  16%  (+10%)

Cards                                   12%  (unchanged)

Enough with numbers!Huh?:)

What about the designs? Hearts, pearls, flowers are the traditional shapes that you will never stop seeing on Mother’s Day! For me the story is the key!

And  I prefer to purchase a collection dedicated only to Mother’s Day if I plan to buy jewelry… 

Like what? Here is my favorite for this year! Check the video! I just loved it! Enjoy!