Nice to meet Fabien Iliou!

This week I was thinking to talk about a trendy shape for this season but I received an e-mail and I decided to change this week's topic! I couldn't even wait till next week to share this amazing thing that I received!

I wrote about Bulgari’s 130th anniversary in my recent posts and guess what happened! The designer of the amazing video mapping -that we saw as Spanish Step experience- shared the entire video with me! That was out of the world! I was so impressed and I wanted to share this experience with you as well!!! 

The designer is Fabien Iliou. Such a talented designer! He worked for many high-end events, window and façade design, pattern design and packaging design in different cities such as Paris, Rome, Milan, New York, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo! Wow! 

If you want to see more of his works here is his website! 

I can't wait to meet him!

P.S.: I added one more thing to my bucket list! #Collaborate with Fabien Iliou in my future projects!:) 

Enjoy this amazing video and have a great weekend!