Rubellite Love!

Pink is my favorite color! I have a pink sleeve for my iPad, a pink case for my iPhone and even a pink coffee maker for my favorite drink Espresso! :) 

In my pink world when you look to my jewelry designs I don't prefer to use too much pink stones. But there is one that I love so much! 

Rubellite! This is a particularly beautiful gemstone from the colorful family of tourmalines. The color palette of the stone is between from red to shocking pink!

There are red and pink tourmalines in many nuances, which include a tender pink, a fine shocking pink, an intense violet and a bold ruby-red. However, only a few of these are entitled to call themselves 'rubellites'. The name comes from the Latin 'rubellus', which means reddish. Rubellites are not merely red or shocking pink tourmalines. There is an important criterion for this especially beautiful gemstone, and that is the way its color behaves in daylight and artificial light. Many gemstones change their color depending on the light source. A true rubellite does not. It shines just as intensely in artificial light as it does in daylight. The color of most other pink or red tourmalines, by contrast, displays a more or less clearly visible tinge of brown in artificial light.

It looks pretty good on jewelry! I wanted to share some examples from Chopard Red Carpet collection 2014. Chopard shared some sketches from this collection as well. 

This year, in honour of the 67th festival, 67 creations inspired by the charisma and the voluptuous beauty of the actresses of Cinecittà will be unveiled. A new exquisite High Jewelry collection intended to exalt the beauty of the actresses for their red carpet appearance.

On the occasion of the 67th edition of the festival, the Palme d'Or annually crafted in the Chopard workshops since 1998 takes a newfound glow by appearing for the very first time in Fairmined certified gold. The new creation is part of an approach instigated by Chopard at the 66th Cannes Film Festival and designed to lead the growth of sustainable luxury.

Here is the video of the creation! Enjoy!