GB2003- 14K Gold Purification Bracelet- Yin Yang


GB2003- 14K Gold Purification Bracelet- Yin Yang


14K gold bracelet
The match of a classic Turkish bracelet style and Yin Yang with Shimenawa inspiration!

Available in only yellow gold in 3 different sizes (S-M-L)*

*Please check out the size information link for the measurement details.

Purification Bracelets Collection Story:

Shimenawa is the main inspiration of this collection.  It is literally "enclosing rope" used for ritual purification in Japanese beliefs. People believe that it act as a ward against evil spirits and often set up at a ground-breaking ceremony before construction begins on a new building. They are often found at Shinto shrines, torii gates, and sacred landmarks. They are also used around yorishiro (objects capable of attracting spirits).
Gokce created this collection believing that this designs will protect you from evil spirits and will purify your energy! Some protection symbols from different cultures on a shimenawa bracelet! Pick yours and feel better! Enjoy!


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