Gokce Sefren is an award-winning designer who has an eternal passion for jewelry... 

She is a dreamer..

She is a hard worker...

She has a metal allergy - including even gold- that's why maybe her passion for jewels will never end:)

Gokce is a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Traditional Turkish Arts Department).  She also attended a Turkish masters program in design, during which she did her field work with the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to create her thesis. 

She has produced lots of artistic, decorative tiles as well as marblings.  Examples of her work can be seen in multiple exhibitions as well as in the Sabanci Museum.  Since she won the Sabanci Art prize, one of her tile panels is kept in the museum archives.  Immediately after receiving her graduate degree she was hired to work as a jewelry designer for a leading jewelry company in Turkey.  During her 6 year tenure at this company she designed jewelry for many different markets.  Over the course of her professional designer career she has attended important fairs, exhibitions and competitions around the world.  

She has received many awards in design competitions organized by the likes of De Beers, Swarovski, and HRD.  In 2007, a custom diamond design of hers was selected to be shown in the annual De Beers competition show.  She was featured in a book published in 2008 by Swarovski as being one of the top 30 designers in the world.  She was chosen out of a pool of 750 designers from 48 different countries.  Last year she was the first Turkish designer to ever be selected as a finalist in the annual diamond design competition that HRD has been hosting for over 30 years.  

While working as a jewelry designer in Turkey she was asked to create a designer brand for the US market. She designed & managed this brand as a designer line that was sold exclusively in the United States.  After this challenging experience she discovered her interest and love with branding so she decided to quit her job and move to Rome to pursue this new avenue.  In Rome she attended a master's program in Luxury Marketing Management at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) on a merit based scholarship.   Her professors included many top level execs from companies like Bulgari and other world famous brand names.    

She is currently working as the creative director of a major Turkish wedding band manufacturer.  

She believes that "Everything is possible and nothing is impossible".




Prizes - Competitions

2011 HRD Awards diamond jewelry competition- Finalist Degree- worldwide exhibition piece

2010 Creative Diary IED Scholarship Competition- Winner (for the Luxury Management Master Program)

2008 Swarovski Enlightened Watch Design Competition- Finalist Degree (chosen one of the best 30 designs between 750 freely created designs from people coming from 48 country)

2007 De Beers 5th Traditional Jewelry Design Competition- Finalist Degree

2005 Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism 13th Traditional Turkish Designs Competition- Exhibition Degree

2004 Sakıp Sabancı Graduation Prizes- First Rank Prize of Mimar Sinan University Traditional Turkish Art Department

2001 Ifsak 17. İstanbul Photography Days Photograph Competition- Exhibition Degree

2001 Eczacibasi-Ipek Paper-Georgia-Pacific Pattern Competition- Exhibition Degree


2012 HRD Diamond Design Award Exhibition- Antwerp Diamond Museum- Antwerp (Belgium)

2012 Dance of Colors Marbling Exhibition- Libreria Assaggi- Rome (Italy)

2010 Mimar Sinan Traditional Turkish Arts Department Exhibition- Kadir Has University- Istanbul (Turkey)

2008 “Traditional Arts from Past to Present” Exhibition - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Osman Hamdi Hall – Istanbul (Turkey)

2005 “To Keep Alive…” Personal Marbling Exhibition- Hagia Sophia Museum Upper Gallery - Istanbul (Turkey)

2004 Traditional Turkish Arts Exhibition- Kadir Has University Fine Arts Faculty – Istanbul (Turkey)

2004 Graduated Students Exhibition- Mimar Sinan University Osman Hamdi Hall - Istanbul (Turkey)

2004 Traditional Turkish Arts Exhibition- Efsun Art - Istanbul (Turkey)

2004 Traditional Turkish Arts Exhibition- Yıldız Palace “Silahhane” - Istanbul (Turkey)

2003 American Turkish Association of 13.Annual Turkish Festival Exhibition - Houston (USA)

Fairs - Organizations

2012 Istanbul Jewelry Show- International Jewelry Fair (Istanbul-Turkey)

2010 “Caecil by Gokce” On-Air Jewelry Show- 15 February 2010, new collections- two different shows, 3pm-5am (FL, Tampa- USA)

2009 “Caecil by Gokce” On-Air Jewelry Show- 19 August 2009 , new collections, 2 pm (FL, Tampa- USA)

2009 “Caecil by Gokce” On-Air Jewelry Show, Brand Premiere- 3 May 2009 , two different shows, 3am – 8 pm (FL, Tampa- USA)

2008 Vicenza Oro I 2008- International Jewelry Fair (Vicenza-Italy)

2007 Istanbul Jewelry Show- International Jewelry Fair (Istanbul-Turkey)

2006 Orogemma 2006- International Jewelry Fair (Vicenza-Italy)

2006 Istanbul Jewelry Show- International Jewelry Fair (Istanbul-Turkey)

2006 Baselshow 2006- International Jewelry and Watch Fair (Basel-Switzerland)

2006 Spielwarenmesse- International Toy Fair (Nurnberg-Germany)

2006 Vicenza Oro I 2006- International Jewelry Fair (Vicenza-Italy)

2005 Spielwarenmesse- International Toy Fair (Nurnberg-Germany)

2004 On-Air Ebru workshop on TV- “Derya Gibi” Tv show (Istanbul-Turkey)

2004 İstanbul Chamber of Commerce Organization Eminonu Outdoor Art Studio Exhibition and Sale (Istanbul-Turkey)

2002 Marbling Workshop and Department Exhibition- (participated as the student representative of Mimar Sinan University Traditional Turkish Art Department to the art activities in Munster with University of Applied Sciences Design Department and Municipality of Munster named “Buluşma- Begenung“) (Münster-Germany)