About Gossef & Gos

Gossef is a source offering consultancy and design services to the jewelry companies in different scales
while building their brand using the know-how of a worldwide award-winning jewelry designer with
branding passion and more than 15 years of experience in the jewelry market.
Gossef is committed to bring the right designs, in the right time to the right place using overall
knowledge about production techniques, different consumer taste and market needs according to sales
& marketing objectives of jewelry companies.

“To create collections always with a story including innovative designs for her brand Gossef and for
jewelry companies to enrich their product portfolio and brand awareness as well”


“Think, feel and be different- be original & international”

Gos is the CRealist (Creative & Realist) head and Founder of Gossef company. 

She has the dedication & passion for jewelry. Graduting with honor degrees, exhibiting art works all around the world, traveling to inspire & nurture, awarded in different sectors, worked in leading companies especially in jewelry sector, member of WGSN, not only a senior designer but also learned and practiced luxury brand management after trained by the top level execs from companies like Bulgari and other world famous brand names.

She believes that "Everything is possible and nothing is impossible"